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Arena On Schedule, Subway Slows

Barclays Center - November 2
Barclays Center - November 2

With construction crews often working three shifts, work at the Barclays Center construction site continues apace with the arena (now one-third complete) scheduled for completion on August 23 of next year. That's a four-day improvement over last month's report prepared for arena bondholders. Opening Night is September 28.

Among the next big milestones: a permanent connection to the ConEd power grid on December 1, the installation of seating starting on February 7 and the completion of the roof five weeks later.

Meanwhile, the $70 million Barclays Center Transit Connection, hit hard by Hurricane Irene and the tricky underground infrastructure of New York, has slipped a month. It had been two months ahead of schedule. The Transit Connection must be completed prior to the arena opening.  The report includes first imagery of the escalators that will bring fans out of the subway and on to the plaza in front of the arena.