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A Look Inside The Barclays Center

A Forbes writer got a tour recently of the interior of the Barclays Center, showing that beyond the roof and the weathered steel facade, there's a lot of activity inside as walls go up and ceilings get hung. MaryAnne Gilmartin, Bruce Ratner's No. 2, spoke to Jenna Goudreau of Forbes about what fans will see when they "pop out" of the new Transit Connection in front of the arena.

"They'll see the scoreboard from the street...and you'll walk in, see the bowl and that will help you orient yourself to where you need to go," said Gilmartin, who said the arena will be "transformative for the neighborhood, for the borough, for the city."

Forbes also speaks with Irina Pavlova, president of Onexim Sports & Entertainment, the holding company Mikhail Prokhorov uses to manage his interests in the Nets (80%) and the arena (45%). She recalls how Prokhorov's CEO asked him over a casual dinner "about a little deal" with an American team, and asked if she’d be interested in “keeping an eye on things” in the States.