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Chris Paul a Knick? Fuggedaboutit!

SB Nation
SB Nation

We're not a Knicks site ... although as the Nets biggest rival, they are relevant and will be more so when they move to Brooklyn. Nor do the Nets have any interest in Chris Paul.  They already have a point guard whose numbers and knees are better. 

Besides, Chris Paul will be in Brooklyn Tuesday to distribute food and Knicks fans are dead certain he will be a Knick soon.

John Hollinger tries to temper Knick fans enthusiasm but running Chris Paul through the number cruncher that is the new CBA and bottom lines it this way: "Looks like a slam dunk, right? Not so fast." Hollinger notes that Paul can't earn more than $13.5 million under any reasonable scenario and would sacrifice a large fortune long-term.

Hollinger writes: "So if Paul really wants to go to New York, he can go -- as long as he's willing to give up, at a minimum, forty million dollars to do it. (The same, incidentally, applies for Deron Williams or Dwight Howard.)"