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Missing Brooklyn as Lockout Ends

Dan Fierman is deputy editor of Grantland, Bill Simmons' ESPN off-shoot who moved not long ago from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. As part of the site's celebration of the new season, Fierman writes about what he misses the most about the borough: "sacrificing a front-row seat to how the Nets move played out."

Fierman describes the prelude this way: "The real estate battles, the simmering class warfare over the Barclays Center, and the arrival, as if from space, of the gangly billionaire from Russia was the greatest drama we had going in the borough." Now, he can see the future, "The return of professional sports to the County of Kings! The Deron Williams contract debate! Jay and Bey courtside every night!"

Mostly though, he will what it all could have meant to his son, "See kid, look! Look at how Deron throws the outlet pass! Watch how Lopez keeps those hands above his head! Listen to the goddamned crowd roar! How can you possibly not love this game?"