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D-Will: Getting 50...On a Good Wrist

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Deron Williams will be cheering on his Besiktas teammates Tuesday, then prepare for his return home on Friday, a highly successful European adventure over. Just before he finished up, he filed two Diary entries for his website and ESPN New York.

A lot of his last entry was about going for 50, the game he won almost single-handedly against Gottingen in the EuroChallenge, calling it "one of the best games of my career" at any level. He wrote about how it felt and how he knew how close he was, thanks to a teammate; and how he has enjoyed playing shooting guard.  

But Williams also talks about how good his wrist feels after surgery by Nets orthopedist, Dr. Riley J. Williams III. " I was told that all I needed to do was rest it, and when I did that, it never got better. I'm happy I had the surgery when I did, so now I don't have to worry about it and that's allowed me to play my game". D-Will doesn't mention the Nets, focusing almost entirely on his and his family's experience in Europe.