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Nets, Knicks In Preseason Matches

The Nets and every other NBA team are likely to have a highly compressed training camp, maybe as little as seven or eight days, as the league tries to jam as many games as it can into the 2011-12 season. That doesn't mean there won't be a preseason. It's looking like each team with play two games before Christmas.

No one is saying (and it's possible no one yet knows) when they will be played but each team will play its closest rival which for the Nets means the Knicks in a home-and-away series to reduce travel time. As for who will be invited to training camp, think the D-League. Scott Schroeder of Ridiculous Upside predicts teams will rely a lot more on D-Leaguers in camp. For the Nets, that could mean invites for the Armor's best players.