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Free Agency Already Heating Up

It's going to be a wild ride...and it's already started. The CBA isn't finished, isn't ratified. Free agency is still 11 days away, and lockout rules remain in place, meaning no contact between team brass and players or their agents. That's not stopping the rumor mill.

Besides Jamal Crawford rumors (see below), the latest, from Boston, is that Glen Davis, aka Big Baby, has the Nets on his short list, if a renewal with the Celtics can't be worked out. There's also rumors that Andrei Kirilenko feels the same way, although CSKA Moscow harbors dreams of keeping him around

And across the U.S. and Europe, plane engines can be heard. MarShon Brooks, who is raring to go, arrives back in New Jersey on Tuesday, the same day Jordan Farmar and Jordan Williams fly out of Israel and Poland. Deron Williams leaves Friday, after cheering on Besiktas, and Anthony Morrow in 10 days.