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Few Amnesties, But Is Outlaw One?

Howard Beck writes that despite rumors that the new CBA will produce a tide of amnesties, the number of players actually waived under the provision could be small. At most, Beck writes, three to six teams will take advantage of the amnesty clause this year, quoting an NBA executive.  One of them is almost assuredly Travis Outlaw.

Among those who quality as "contractual regret" is Outlaw. So is Johan Petro, but there's little doubt Outlaw is the Nets' candidate.  There are many reasons why so few will be "amnestied". If the Wizards waive Rashard Lewis, Beck writes, they'd go so far under the cap that they'd need to sign new players to reach the minimum payroll.  Beck also notes there is no deadline for amnesty, other than the end of the CBA.