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Bogdanovic Scores 9 in TBL Win; Jordan Williams Heads Back to U.S.

B. Petrinovic -
B. Petrinovic -

Bojan Bogdanovic, whose production has been up lately, scored nine points Sunday for Fenerbahce in a Turkish League win over Mersin. Fener was without Thabo Sefolosha who's headed back to the Thunder. Bogdanovic added five boards and shot  4-for-9, 0-for-4 from deep. Nets brass hope that with Sefolosha gone, Bogdanovic will get more opportunity.

The #31 pick in the draft will play out the season in Turkey and it looks like Jordan Williams, the Nets other second round pick, will only be sticking around Poland until Tuesday, when he flies home. Williams arrived in Zielona Gora, Poland, Saturday, just as owners and players were agreeing to a new CBA and never played.  He had an NBA "out"