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D-Will Returns to Earth, Scores 15

Deron Williams - Besiktas
Deron Williams - Besiktas

After setting a Eurochallenge scoring record three days ago, Deron Williams returned to the Planet Earth Friday, scoring 15 points on 5-for-11 shooting while handling out four assists and grabbing five rebounds in a 92-80 Turkish League win over Aliaga Petkim. It was Besiktas 14th win in 15 games.

Although he didn't wow the crowd in Izmir like he did earlier in Istanbul, Williams commanded the game and helped 6'5" swingman Marcelus Kemp score 31 points on 11-for-18 shooting.  Kemp and Williams are both averaging 20+ points a game in the Turkish League. And to the surprise of no one, Williams was named EuroChallenge MVP for the week.