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"Brand" Hurt, Kim Goes After Kris

Talk about your "nuclear winter."  Kim Kardashian has hurt the family brand and has now begun an assault on the source of her problems: Kris Humphries. Sources close to the family have begun leaking negative news about him --that he called her "fat" and "no-talent" during their 72-day marriage-- and that he's so mean and money-hungry he's going to sue her for $10 million in back wages!

Moreover, there are reports that the producers of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" will be editing their reality show to depict the Nets' free agent in an unflattering light. Still, the bad publicity over the divorce doesn't seem to be letting up  There's an online petition asking that her show be taken off E! and plans for a boycott of Tyler Perry's new show, which features Kim as ...wait for it... a marriage counselor.