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Finding Teammates For Easy Baskets Not a Farmar Strength, Data Shows

Is Jordan Farmar a lousy point guard because he can't find teammates for easy baskets or are his teammates just not that good getting in place for easy baskets? Devin Kharpertian argues it's more about Farmar than it is about his teammates, although he doesn't exonerate them.

In analyzing where Farmar's assists come from, Kharpertian finds that only two playmakers --Darren Collison and Brandon Jennings-- had worse "assist value" than Farmar. Less than half of Farmar;s assists came on dunks, layups and three pointers. The league average is 62%.  Of course, Kharpertian notes, only Kris Humphries and Derrick Favors attacked the rim for the Nets last season and in his 12 games, Deron Williams didn't do much better.