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Dr. J's Nets Memorabilia Fetch Nearly a Million Dollars at Auction

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Julius Erving's ABA championship ring from 1974, when the New York Nets beat the Utah Stars, was sold Sunday for nearly a half million dollars, the record for any sports ring ever. The winning bidder's identity remains a secret. It was one of several  pieces of Net history that Dr. J sold at an auction run by SCP Auctions.

The final bid for the 1974 ring, which shocked auctioneers, was $460,471. His 1976 ABA championship ring went for $195,496 and his 1975 ABA MVP award sold for $173,102.

The price tag for the 1974 Nets ring was almost twice as much as what he got for his 1983 NBA ring, $244,220.  The online auction closed Sunday after being open since October.  At one point, Nets fans lobbied for the team to buy the memorabilia  and set it in a prominent space inside the Barclays Center. The Nets did not make a bid, said a team insider.