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Nets To Move East in Marketing


Long Island should be a natural market for the Brooklyn Nets. After all, Brooklyn is the western tip of Long Island, if politically part of New York City. The LIRR's Atlantic Terminal (above) is a short walk from Barclays Center above or below ground ...and of course the last time the Nets won a championship it was on Long Island. We haven't even talked about the Islanders!

There are some impediments: The Knicks are entrenched and the leading media outlets, including Newsday, News12 and Cablevision are all owned by the Dolans. Newsday has barely covered the Nets move to Brooklyn.

There are signs the Nets are about to begin a marketing campaign aimed at the East. They've had extensive discussions with the LIRR about special promotions that could permit easier (and free) access between the Atlantic Terminal and the arena. Some of it is hinted in a video produced but not released by the team and the railroad where an LIRR spokesman tells fans to "be on the lookout once the arena opens in September 2012 for great money saving deals for future Barclays Center events."