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What Might Have Been For Rookies

Wednesday night would have been the Nets opener in Washington, an opportunity for Marshon Brooks and Jordan Williams to launch their professional careers and relive some college memories. As Al Iannazzone writes, Washington is where Brooks hit for 43 vs. Georgetown last season and where Maryland's Williams has plenty of friends.

Instead, the two are waiting like 400 other NBA players for their union and the owners to end the 125-day lockout. With little hope of a quick settlement, the situation is making the two promising rookies more than a little antsy.  "My whole life I wanted a shot to play in the NBA," said Williams. "it's my rookie season and my chance to prove myself and I can't quite do it yet".

On his blog, Iannazzone confirms that Mario Elie and P.J. Carlesimo are the leading candidates to join the Nets' coaching staff.  He also notes Sam Mitchell is not likely to return and long-time Nets' security chief Leroy Marshall will not be returning as well.