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Dave D Asks: Who's Shaq Think He's Fooling With Talk of Newark Team?

Dave D'Alessandro would like to see a team replace the Nets in Newark. So would a lot of people, including some Nets fans, but the former Nets beat writer thinks Shaquille O'Neal's continuing claims of interest in ownership are more likely just self-promotion by the player-turned-author.

D'Alessandro takes readers through the reality of buying and operating a team in the NBA, offering up and then shooting down possibilities. He also writes that any new team would have to compensate the Nets and Knicks (although reports last year had the Nets giving up any claims to New Jersey as part of their opt out of the IZOD lease).

For Dave D: it's about his book. "He’s not tired of promoting it, or himself. We’re just not sure either one is newsworthy anymore."