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Euro Analyst Praises Bogdanovic

B. Petrinovic - Crobasket
B. Petrinovic - Crobasket

Veteran Euroleague coach Aito Garcia Reneses is doing analysis this season for the league's website, offering up four decades of expertise every Friday on the league's games of the week.  In this week's analysis, Garcia praises Nets draft choice Bojan Bogdanovic, even though he scored but 12 points in Fenerbahce's win.

Using videos from Fener's win over Bennet Cantu of Italy, Garcia notes, "Bogdanovic played well in the low post," showing how he scores over smaller, less strong players and how his teammates look for the 6'8" swingman. He then  adds, "I also want to mention the magnificent and powerful fastbreak finishes of Bogdanovic, scoring with his left hand."