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Farmar: Happy To Be a Net (Even in Israel)

Jordan Farmar didn't have one of his best games Thursday, scoring only five points and turning the ball over five  times as well.  As he has all season long in Israel, he used his athleticism (42.5" vertical leap), grabbing seven rebounds. It helped Maccabi win its 10th straight.

But there's no doubt Farmar has played well.  He was the Euroleague MVP two weeks ago and he feels confident he's helped his game by playing overseas.  "I am becoming a better basketball player," said Farmar, who will turn 25 later this month.

Farmar is also confident his team back in the NBA will be fine when all is said and done. "I don't see (the Nets) struggling for too much longer.

"They are headed in the right direction and Avery Johnson is a hell of a coach," he said. "I have a lot of confidence the Nets will be very good in the future."