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Berger Apologizes To Prokhorov, Who's Definitely NOT a Hardliner

Ken Berger, whose coverage of the lockout has been among the best, admits he hasn't been perfect. 

In a piece on the awful consequences of a lost season, he apologizes to Mikhail Prokhorov who he had called a lockout "hardliner" a few weeks back.

"My apologies to Mikhail Prokhorov for believing a source who told me he was one of the hard-line owners of this fiasco," Berger writes. "Prokhorov, having traded Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and two first-round picks for Deron  Williams, who may only play 12 games in a Nets uniform, would have to be the dove of all doves. A season-long lockout would cripple his franchise if Williams exercised his opt-out and left."

Berger doesn't mention that under almost any reasonable scenarios Williams would make a lot more money staying than leaving.  Meanwhile, there are no conference calls or negotiations scheduled.