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Nets Pushing Brooklyn Move, Hard

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

It keeps becoming more and more evident: the Nets are using the lockout as an opportunity to push Brooklyn in ways that they've never done part because they have to. The NBA is a tough sell nowadays.

In the last 48 hours, the "Brooklyn Experience" has been unveiled to great huzzahs by Boro President Marty Markowitz; John Calipari has promoted the "Barclays Center Classic" featuring Kentucky, Maryland and Brooklyn's LIU; Billy King and Avery Johnson served up Thanksgiving meals at a Brooklyn community center and Johnson ran a practice at a Brooklyn middle school.

Will that turn into a fanbase? The Nets are of course trying to resurrect the legend of the Dodgers and turn Knick fans into Nets fans, but Billy King told a local reporter it's more than that. "We're going to bring our own fans," said King. "We're going to create our own fans."