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Avery Coaches Brooklyn 8th Graders, Talks Up Nets' Future

Aaron Brown - New Jersey Nets
Aaron Brown - New Jersey Nets

When Avery Johnson was asked Tuesday to gauge the skills of the kids shooting baskets at the Nets' new mobile marketing unit, he replied, "They need some better coaching...and I'm available."  Johnson was good to his word. On Wednesday afternoon, he showed up unannounced at Brooklyn's Middle School 113 with a whistle around his neck.

Why middle school? Because under lockout rules, high school players could be prospective draft choices!

M.S. 113, home of the Ronald Edmonds Learning Center, is a few blocks from the Barclays Center construction site. The Nets basketball operations staff was able to get Johnson a one-day gig at the school.

Once there he surprised eighth graders who had no idea their regular coach would be replaced by one from the NBA.  Johnson said if the entire season is lost, "I'm going to get on the scouting circuit because whenever you start again you're still going to have to draft."