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Goodbye New Jersey, Goodbye Deron?

A "nuclear winter" may be upon us. And here, that means that the Nets, as they push their move to Brooklyn, may have played their last game in New Jersey. Does it matter? As Steve Politi writes, "Maybe no goodbye is the best goodbye. Fans weren’t exactly flocking to see the team at the Prudential Center, after all. It would have been nice to see Kidd return with the Mavericks, and maybe let a few of the old-timers take one final bow."

Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone wonders if Deron Williams will move on after just 12 games as a Net. "The Nets are handcuffed because they can't upgrade the roster and can't communicate with their All-Star point guard to try to entice him to stay," Iannazzone writes. "Those are the biggest reasons the lockout may hurt the Nets as much as any team."