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So...Let's Go Springfield Armor!

Chris Marion - <a href="" target="new">Springfield Armor</a>
Chris Marion - Springfield Armor

The day has been filled with bad news, but if you're looking for some hope, Gary Sussman and the D-League staff  have a bit to offer: the inside story of how the Springfield Armor got their man, 6'10" Chris Taft, in the D-League Draft.

GM Milton Lee and Coach Bob MacKinnon thought Taft could go in the first round. Instead, Lee was able to grab the Brooklyn native in the fourth, mainly because of questions about his recovery from a rare muscle condition. Afterward, Lee celebrates with his staff, noting happily,  "It it works out, it will be huge".  To which the Nets' D-League scout Jordan Cohn responds, referring to the beauty of the D-League, "That's the point, that's the point."