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Avery Spends His Time Preaching

This time of year, Avery Johnson would, in normal times, be screaming and running up and down the sideline.  Not in 2011.  So Johnson has been spending a lot time talking to kids, from grade school to college, in New Jersey and Brooklyn, Texas and his native Louisiana.

This month is typical. On November 1, he was guest speaker in Corpus Christi, TX, at the annual awards dinner for Heroes for Hearing, an annual fundraiser for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center, His message: hard work and dedication make ordinary people heroes.

On Monday, he'll be in New York to be honored by the Weeksville Society. The group is preserving the home of James Weeks, an African-American entrepreneur who in 1838 founded Weeksville, a community down Atlantic Avenue from the Barclays Center. The Nets will help out by auctioning off seats on a Nets charter during the upcoming season.