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Mistrust Clouds CBA Negotiations

NBA officials say they saw a lot of misinformation, perhaps even disinformation, flying around the web this weekend on the owners' proposal.  So, David Stern and Adam Silver called reporters who cover the CBA talks Saturday afternoon to deal with what they call the worst misconceptions.  Stern was quick to blame the agents for spreading bad info.

"The agents have come sweeping in with such mischaracterizations that my guys asked me if I'd be available for media," Stern said in a telephone interview with "I said, 'Whatever you want.' The agents are busy [saying] this is a terrible deal. No one talks about the deal itself."

The most persistant --that NBA players could be sent down to the D-League and forced to play for $75,000-- was at the top of the NBA's list. But bottom line is no one knows yet if only the 30 player reps (not all of whom are dealing with all their teammates) will vote on the offer or whether under certain circumstances, the union's 400+ members will be permitted to vote.