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League Details Owners' Offer

The NBA  has tweeted a summary of what the owners' "final" offer entails.  Although much of the details have been previously reported, it represents the official owners position.

Beyond these key details, there are 30 to 40 more minor issues that have yet to be resolved, Howard Beck has reported.

An analysis of what this means for the Nets will be incorporated in the NetsDaily Off-Season Report, posting later this evening.

  • More mid-levels than 2005 CBA: $5M for non-taxpayers, $3M for taxpayers, $2.5M for room teams
  • More cap exceptions for teams who are not taxpayers…
  • Projected tax level ranges from $70M-$85M over next 6 years; more than enough money to keep teams together
  • New trade rules to promote more player movement
  • Projected max salaries range from $13M to $19M and growing
  • Increased minimum team salary – from 75% of cap to 90%
  • Plyr-friendly changes 4 restricted FAs: qualifying offers higher & 100% guaranteed, shorter match period 4 offer sheets
  • Ability to stretch waived player’s salary frees up more money for teams to spend on FAs
  •  Players retain full Bird rights
  • Repeat tax rates apply only when team is taxpayer 4 out of 5 yrs (not 3 out of 5)