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Hump Hires Divorce Lawyer

Kris Humphries has been caricatured as, shall we say, intellectually limited by gossip columnists and SNL writers. But by remaining dignified in the face of a Reality TV star's onslaught, he's been playing it smart, very smart.  While Kim is in heavy damage control to protect the "Kardashian Brand", he's said little, done less to hurt himself.

He's now hired a Minneapolis lawyer (who's more of a friend) to handle his side of the proceedings, not some celebrity divorce "bomber". It will be Lee Hutton's first divorce case, having worked with Humphries on his business affairs (including the still secret pre-nuptial plan). You're not likely to see Hump or Hutton hold any press conference. Instead, reports C.J., the Minneapolis writer who broke the story, he's still hoping for a reconciliation.