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D-Will Tweet: "And If I Leave NJ..." Then Again, "Looking Forward..."

We're loath to put much faith in what anyone tweets since Twitter doesn't come with filters for sarcasm or context.  But taken at face value, Deron Williams tweet from Turkey Friday wasn't encouraging to Nets fans. 

As part of a discussion on the new CBA that included comments about LeBron James leaving Cleveland, D-Will tweeted: "if I leave NJ I will have a lot more people hating on me! Oh Well! Comes w/ the territory huh?"

Does it mean he's leaving? Nope. In comments (and in actions) before the lockout, Williams said (and did) all the right things, as noted here. But in recent days, partly in response to fan tweets --some of them hostile-- Williams has seemed as frustrated as the fans who follow him.

Later, in response to a Nets fan's tweet asking "NJ? i think you meant BK ;),"  Williams replied, "true true! LOL you got me there."  And later still, he replied to another, "why u mad at me? LOL I love that a tweet can get someone so riled up!!! Hilarious."

Finally, as local time in Mersin, Turkey, approached 10:30 p.m., Williams made things clear: "what a fan tweets me has no bearing on if I resign I look forward to playing for the Nets this season I only had 15 games last year."