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Brooklyn Nets Adding to "Culture"

First there was the musical, then the documentary, the promise of a book and now, Atlantic Yards, the jazz ensemble with mutlimedia! The Wall Street Journal reports that the Brooklyn Academy of Music is presenting "Brooklyn Babylon" this week, an allegorical tale seemingly based on the Bruce Ratner project that includes the Barclays Center.

"'Brooklyn Babylon' presents a new dystopian version of the Tower of Babel fable, wherein the mayor of Brooklyn, in a grand act of hubris, decides to build the tallest building in the world," writes Tad Hendrickson. "The story also follows an Eastern Europe immigrant carpenter, who lives in the neighborhood where the tower is being erected, as he builds a carousel atop the structure and becomes an accomplice to the destruction of his beloved neighborhood."

If you can't make it, you can always enjoy a day in the life of the construction of the arena, shot Monday.