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Clock Frozen on NBA Labor Talks as Union Reviews Owners' Last Offer

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After 11 hours of talks, the players and owners are at another impasse, but the dreaded "reset"  hasn't been  invoked ... at least for now. The owners gave the players a revised offer based on the last two days' of talks. Although the union said it would take a few days to review the offer, Derek Fisher stated, "at this time its not enough to finish it out."

Billy Hunter was careful not to reject the offer, saying, "It's not the greatest proposal in the world," but he said he feels an obligation to bring it to the players.  He added, "Its been a long haul. We're trying to come to the end of it and get this thing done." As for the owners, when Adrian Wojnarowski asked if this was the last best offer, "Looks that way to me," source said.  The players' other choice: decertification.

Stern said the owners are prepared to wait on the players, but that if they reject the offer, the owners will revert to an earlier, more draconian proposal. If they accept, a 72-game season will begin December 15, meaning the loss of only one paycheck.

For his part, Deron Williams tweeted early Friday morning, "it sound like they made some progress yesterday! Keep fingers crossed for something on Monday."