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D-Will Gives Fans Tour of His Team

Deron Williams - Besiktas
Deron Williams - Besiktas

In his weekly diary, Deron Williams takes his fans on a tour of Besiktas, offering views on his teammates, from Cavaliers center Semih Erden to young gun Kartal Ozmizrak, a 16-year-old protege who is one of the youngest pro's in Europe. He also contrasts European practices with those in the NBA.

Williams also notes that he and David Hawkins, who he one played with in the summer league, have become "pretty good friends now".

The Nets point guard doesn't endorse any of them for the NBA --in fact, he barely talks about the NBA-- but likes them all and why not: they've won 10 straight and seem to getting stronger.  One complaint: European rims, or is it the balls.

"Shooting is a different kind of art here. I've never seen so many balls go in and out. Every game I have like five shots that I think are good shots that don't go in" he writes.