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Report: Kris' Parents Didn't Want Kim

The gossip columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes Tuesday that Kris Humphries' parents, and maybe even Humphries himself,  almost called off the wedding in early August. Moreover, she says Humphries' parents have "mixed emotions about the demise of this union."

"Humphries' gut, and reportedly his parents', were telling him to call off this wedding in early August," reports C.J., who only a week ago called Humphries Kim Kardashian's "husband of the moment."  C.J. said by all accounts Humphries was "in it for love" and that his comments about commitment are legitimate. "Humphries comes from a family where his parents have been married for 30 years and his grandparents 60."

Otherwise, C.J. takes Humphries side in the divorce. "There is one huge upside for Kris," she writes. "He no longer has to listen to one of the most vapid voices on TV."