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After Evening Meeting, Sides To Convene Again Monday Afternoon

After nearly six hours of talks at a Manhattan hotel Sunday night, representatives of the owners and players adjourned until Monday afternoon, offering a bit of hope that the NBA's full 82-game season can be preserved.  David Stern and Billy Hunter both declined comment on whether progress was made as the meeting broke up just before midnight. They will reconvene Monday at 2 p.m.

Hunter did say his planned meeting with players in Los Angeles Monday morning will be rescheduled and Derek Fisher tossed in a note of skepticism if not pessimism. As Howard Beck tweeted, "Fisher says not necessarily any closer to deal now than when night began, but back at it tomorrow."

Stern, of course, had said earlier in the week that if there was no progress by Monday, he was ready to cancel the first two weeks of regular season games.  Then, talks stalled over a precondition that the players accept a 50-50 split in basketball related income.  That precondition was apparently dropped, but Sunday's meeting did not include any discussion of BRI.

Early Monday, Billy King offered this encouragement in a tweet: “'You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”' - Christopher Columbus."