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Beck: League And Union To Meet Sunday Night in New York

With the first two weeks of the regular season on the brink of being cancelled, the NBA and Players Union will meet Sunday night in New York, reports Howard Beck of the New York Times.

The meeting will involve the primary negotiators for each side — Commissioner David Stern and the deputy commissioner Adam Silver for the league, with the union represented by its president, Derek Fisher, and its executive director, Billy Hunter.

Chris Broussard tweets that the owners have relaxed their demand that the players accept a 50/50 split of basketball-related revenue before meeting again. In separate tweets, David Aldridge and Marc J. Spears confirmed that that the players have not accepted the 50-50 concept owners had asked for as precondition for a meeting. Chris Sheridan reports no preconditions have been set by either side and that talks begin at 6 p.m. in an "undisclosed location."

Spears also reports it was the NBA that called the union Sunday morning to seek the meeting.  Hunter, who was supposed to fly to Los Angeles for a meeting with players, rescheduled his flight. That meeting remains on his schedule for Monday.