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D-Will Pens Diary on Turkish Journey

Deron Williams is writing a diary for ESPN New York, detailing his --and his family's-- experiences as they live, work and play in Istanbul. 

Every week "until D-Will returns to the Garden State", he will chronicle what's happening in Turkey, whether it's a lost passport delaying the start of the trip, his difficult transition to European ball or his general comfort level.

Admitting, "I'm not going to lie, the transition for our family has been tough", Williams describes just how tough it's been, particularly on his kids but adds as well, "This journey has been as much about doing something as a family as it has been about me playing basketball."

And as for basketball, he notes, "It's a different game over here. There is less spacing, the officiating isn't the same. Pretty much every aspect of the game is different than in the NBA. I'm just learning and adjusting as we go." 

Finally, he has a message for those who follow him back in Jersey. "For my Nets fans, I want you to know that while I'm comfortable over here, I'm not too comfortable. I'm still always ready to come back to the U.S. and have a good NBA season, and hopefully make some noise in the Eastern Conference".