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NBC Sports: A Lot of Duh's for Nets

NBC Sports' analysis of what the Nets need to do once the lockout ends does hold some making Deron Williams happy; like using a "buy their way into contention" approach; like making a push for Dwight Howard, etc. but it's mostly conventional wisdom repackaged into their league-wide look at each team's next steps.

And a lot of it defies both logic and recent (and some not so recent) news stories, like the Nets should "move" Travis Outlaw, but amnesty Johan Petro; or that the Nets will "need to spend heavily on to get (Kris Humphries) back", or that the Nets top off-season target is likely David West.

Also, while D-Will can become a free agent in 2012, that's uncertain. He has a player option for 2012-13 or the Nets can re-sign him.