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Clock Running Down on CBA Deal

The silence is deafening. With David Stern saying he will start canceling regular season games as of Monday and no public indication the two sides will talk before then, tensions are mounting. Of course, that could change at a moment's notice and no one is tapping anyone's cell phones (that we know of) to see who's been calling who.

Across the internet, however, there are stories about which way things could go, including reports on what a union vote might produce, when a 50-50 split isn't even, and what happens once games start getting canceled.

One piece in TIME notes what the NBA stands to lose. As Sean Gregory points out, "Last season, the NBA's regular-season viewership rose 13%. attracted a record 5.9 billion page views, an increase of more than 35% over the prior season. Global merchandise sales rose 20%. During the playoffs, TNT set ratings records."