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Yormark In Abortion Controversy

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

A Bergen Country judge has dismissed a lawsuit by Brett Yormark's former girlfriend who claims that the Nets CEO  promised to stay in the relationship if she had an abortion, then after she went through with the procedure dumped her.

Reyna Purcell, 34, claimed she and Yormark began dating a year ago and she became pregnant.

Although she wanted to keep the child, Yormark wanted her to have the abortion, according to the suit. In return for her agreement to the abortion, he promised to continue the relationship, Purcell claims  But in February, after she went through with the abortion, he broke up with her and, she claims, refused to speak with her again.

Judge Alexander Carver on Thursday ruled promises of support in non-marital relationships are required to be in writing and nothing was. Purcell's lawyer says he is considering an appeal. After the decision, Yormark's lawyer said, “This suit was a shameful exploitation of what otherwise should have remained a private matter."