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Bogdanovic Stars in Turkish Cup

B. Petrinovic - Crobasket
B. Petrinovic - Crobasket

Eurobasket, the international basketball site, has a poll on its Turkish page that asks fans which team had the best off-season.  Of 40,000+ respondents, 54% cited Fenerbahce, who signed Bojan Bogdanovic. Last in the poll, with 4%: Efes who picked up Sasha Vujacic and Besiktas, Deron Williams' team, with 5%.

No one outside Turkey is saying Bogdanovic is the equal to either NBA player, but once again the Nets second round pick dominated the opposition. In the first day of the Turkish Champions Cup, Bogdanovic was Man of the Match, as Fenerbahce beat Mersin, 82-77 and Bogdanovic scored 16, hitting the winning free throws.  Play continues Friday and Saturday with the championship round a week from this weekend in Istanbul.