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No Talks...But A Lot of Talking

The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur begins Friday and lasts through Saturday.  Billy Hunter says he normally doesn't work on Sundays.  David Stern says he will start canceling games on Monday. 

It's difficult to believe that Hunter and Stern won't talk before then, but will we know about it?

Meanwhile, two of the brightest lights in the NBA writers' universe, David Aldridge and Larry Coon, give you their best take on where things stand.

Aldridge believes it may already be too late to salvage the entire season because, in part, there isn't enough time to settle all the details (the age limit, the amount of money that goes to the players through NBA Properties, pension and benefits, etc) and because hardline owners want players to miss a paycheck (meaning nothing happens before November 15).

Coon takes a look at how the players face diminishing returns on their decision to wait out the owners. He points out that within two weeks of missed games, the players' losses will surpass the difference in BRI they're holding out for.