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Nets Thinking Twin Towers?

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Looks like Al Iannazzone wants to be ready if the NBA players and owners decide to settle the lockout soon.  In a series of tweets Thursday morning, he writes about the Nets' priorities when an agreement is reached. Those priorities start with getting another big man to play alongside Brook Lopez, namely Tyson Chandler or Nene.

Asked, "What would be the first few moves? Pls don't say David West," Iannazzone replies, "Think bigger, they'll try for Tyson Chandler and Nene 1st."  The idea, he adds, is to "Play Lopez at 4 and try to acquire chips to be in better position to get Dwight (Howard)."

After the big men, Iannazzone says the Nets will try to solve their three year old problem at small forward by adding a veteran.

"After Nene and TC, figure Nets try for Caron Butler and Tayshaun Prince".  What about Kris Humphries? "Kris is in the mix, but for right price. They'll shoot bigger first" he writes, adding, "And pls don't start a tweet to me with 'Bondy thinks,' LOL."  Unmentioned by Iannazzone but prominently discussed by Chris Bernucca of Sheridan Hoops? Andrei Kirilenko.