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Has D-Will Experiment Failed?

The headline in Istanbul's leading newspaper was definitive: "Beşiktaş’s high hopes collapse in epic fashion".  The one in New York's leading paper a bit more succinct: "Long way to go for a loss."

Hurriyet left little doubt about where those "high hopes" had lain. "Deron Williams failed to save Beşiktaş Milangaz from the first major shock of the European basketball season as the team was knocked out of the Eurocup by unheralded Belgian side Dexia Mons Hainaut." The Times reported, "He was roughed up by Mons-Hainaut." Then, there's this.

By losing to Dexia, Besiktas dropped out of the EuroCup, already the second tier of competition in Europe, and is relegated to the third, the EuroChallenge. Now, Hurriyet notes that Besiktas has to wait to see what happens with the lockout. "The Black Eagles risk losing their star point guard mid-season".

D-Will isn't giving up, tweeting, "Euro Challenge is not where we wanted to be!  But not much we can do about it but win it." One of his first games will be vs. Sundiata Gaines' B.C. Armia next month...if both haven't returned to the NBA.