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How a "Holler" Gave Us Kris & Kim

In their first television interview Tuesday, Kris Humphries and the missus didn't mention NBA free agency or the lockout, but he did provide details on how the two met nearly a year ago.

"I was playing for New Jersey last year," he told Jay Leno (implying that's in the past?).  While watching the Heat game on Halloween, Kardashian took an interest in him, he said. She then interjected that a friend told her that she knew one of Humphries' teammates, Jordan Farmar.

"So the next day," Humphries continued. "My teammate comes up to me and says, 'Am I your man, am I your man?' ' Guess who wants to holler at you? He actually used the word, 'holler'! 'Kim Kardashian'!"

And how did the Nets then third string power forward respond? "Uh, I dont know," he recalled saying, quickly adding "I didn't know much about her. I didn't know know how nice she is. Then I found out she was down to earth ...and I fell in love with her (kisses wife)."  Awww!  The couple will appear again at 4 p.m. Wednesday on "Ellen".