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Lost in Translation! Jay-Z, Prokhorov To Rap Together at Barclays Center? Nah! "A Big Hello from Cuckooville"

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A couple of Russian gossip sites (who apparently have yet to discover the Kardashians and thus are at a loss for news) report that Mikhail Prokhorov, having abandoned politics, has decided to become a rapper and perform with Jay-Z and maybe Beyonce' on Opening Night of the Barclays Center on September 28 of next year (which is also Brett Yormark's birthday!)

Are you still with us?

One site writes: "the famous oligarch, the owner of factories, newspapers and steamships, known around the world, and in Courchevel, for once wanted to do something nice and useful not only for himself, but for his country. [Instead], he  received from ungrateful fellow party members a cruel reprimand, was offended and left politics." 

To compensate, it reports, he's decided to learn rap from Jay-Z "who is like a billionaire" and "the debut of the duo will be held at the grand opening of yet another sports facility, which the comrades own together. This giant sports arena Barclays Centre opens its doors in exactly one year  and at a concert in honor of this, the billionaire and rapper plan to perform together."  A Prokhorov spokesperson denies it all, calling it, "a big hello from cuckooville".

Oh yeah, another site suggests that without politics, Prokhorov will now "be able to fully concentrate on the basketball team, his foreign colleagues are convinced".