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Crucial Day Dawns With Little Hope

With the exception of Chris Sheridan, most of the writers covering the NBA labor talks believe the day's events are likely to be anti-climatic at best and chaotic and angry at worst.

All believe to some degree or another David Stern's legacy is on the line. If anyone can get things done, he can.

Stern, of course, works for the owners who seem increasingly hardline in their demands for a more favorable BRI split, a hard cap and even salary rollbacks, all of which remain on the table.  Can he or will he get them to move is the big question.  Meanwhile, just off stage, are the players' agents who want to go all rogue on the talks, decertify the union, launch an anti-trust suit and push for a better deal, no matter how long it takes. 

The best outcome Tuesday may just be more talks, not productive ones. As Sheridan tweeted Tuesday morning, "Reason and common sense, however, do not make their full appearances until the 11th hour. And today is not the 11th hour."