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Maccabi Cruises As Coach Plans For Farmar-Free Team in the Future

As NBA players continue to sign in Europe --Andrei Kirilenko signed Tuesday with CSKA Moscow, his and Mikhail Prokhorov's old team-- European coaches are trying to make certain they're not too dependent on NBA imports with their "NBA outs".  As a result, they're experimenting with different lineups using both temporary and permanent employees.

Monday, David Blatt, coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv, had Jordan Farmar play next to Theo Papaloukas, once known as the Jason Kidd of Europe.  While Farmar is his starter, Blatt wanted to make sure Papaloukas could still handle first string duties. For his part, Farmar laid off the scoring and made sure he was getting his teammates involved He finished with six in a blowout of Zatarog Lasko, one of the weaker clubs in the Adriatic League.