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ESPN: Outlaw Amnesty 'Slam Dunk'; Nets Payroll Would Be Fifth Smallest

Calling the signing of Travis Outlaw to a $35 million contract "one of the most head-scratching moves of the summer of 2010", Marc Stein and Chad Ford say it's a "slam dunk" that the Nets will waive him under the reported amnesty clause in the collective bargaining agreement once it's ratified.

ESPN handicaps each team's amnesty candidates, putting their chances of being cut at either "slam dunk" or "jump ball".

The Nets, Stein and Ford write, "have to be relishing the return of the amnesty clause as much as anyone. While their primary focal point is summer of 2012, when they'll try to re-sign Deron Williams and land Dwight Howard alongside him, they'll be happy in the meantime to take a step in the right direction by removing Outlaw's remaining $24 million from the books". (It's $28 million.)

Separately, Ford analyzes the post-amnesty payroll and cap space numbers. If all 30 teams go the way Ford thinks they will, Nets will have the fifth most cap space at $21.5 million, based on a cap of $58 million. Only the Nuggets ($30 million); Wizards ($29 million); Kings ($24 million); and Pacers ($23 million) would have more.