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Russian Sports Blogger Says Nets "Best Option" for Kirilenko

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The Basketball Diaries blog on Russia's top sport site suggests the Nets are the "best option" for Andrei Kirilenko. Dmitry Colin of the Sports Tribune suggests that AK-47 is unlikely to return to the Jazz and the Nets offer several advantages to the 6'9" Russian forward.

"The club does not hide its championship ambitions, the team will be able to offer Andrei a good salary, and here he will have enough playing time," writes Colin.

He adds that Mikhail Prokhorov, who's friendly with Kirilenko, is likely to pursue Dwight Howard and if the team can sign both, along with Deron Williams, "the team from Brooklyn falls instantly in the list of contenders for the ring."

The blog also lists the Warriors and CSKA Moscow as other potential landing spots. Kirilenko signed a three-year deal with an "NBA out" and has been the Euroleague's top player this season.