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Battle for Brooklyn Never Ends

Bobby Marks via @bkdefend
Bobby Marks via @bkdefend

In the Battle for Brooklyn, even the toney features get caught up in personal attacks.  Westchester Magazine is one of those glossy suburban publications that confines itself to restaurant reviews, nightlife and "best of" columns, along with an occasional feature on a local success story.

But the local success story in this month's Westchester is about MaryAnne Gilmartin, the executive vice president of Forest City Ratner and the woman with day-to-day charge of Bruce Ratner's big projects from the New York Times Building opposite the Port Authority, to 8 Spruce Street, the Frank Gehry apartment tower that is the largest residential building in North America, to Atlantic Yards and the Barclays Center.

The reporter dutifully weaves Gilmartin's story --rising from a single parent home to New York success-- with criticisms  from Daniel Goldstein and Norman Oder.. Goldstein says "I don't like her" and calls her "warped" while Oder notes how she's "chilly" when faced with real "Brooklynites".  Just to be sure, Oder follows up with 800 words of comments, clarifications and what he calls corrections.  It never ends.