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Bojan: From "Steal" to "Bust"?

B. Petrinovic - CroBasket
B. Petrinovic - CroBasket

Ball in Europe posted a profile of Bojan Bogdanovic on Sunday, one apparently written before Bogdanovic's 18 point, five assist game in Turkey Saturday night, but concerns expressed by writer Sam Chadwick won't easily go away. The Nets pick has been too inconsistent for that.

Chadwick looks at the inconsistency and compares it to his solid season last year, when he was the Euroleague's second best scorer and MVP of the Adriatic League. He make no judgment about the drop-off, but thinks he's discovered the bottom line for Bojan: his BBIQ. "Bojan is a shoot-first, think-second type of player, a player who won’t pass up a contested jump shot from 19 feet because he thinks he will make it," he writes.